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    Scotch Bonnet

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    Scorchio indeed, this is one of the hottest chillies around. Despite the spicy reputation Scotch Bonnet seeds are one of the best selling. This is likely due to their destinctive aroma combined with a sweet flavour. If you grow your own you’ll find that these chillies look fantastic. As they mature the colours range from green to yellow to red, the latter being the spiciest. They can be frozen,dried, pickled or preserved in oil or sherry or if you’re feeling brave just pop one in your mouth. Actually don’t do that. It will inject 170,000 Scoville units of spice into your dish of choice. For this reason the Scotch Bonnet is in the top 3 hottest chillies on the the chilli challenge.  If this isn’t hot enough for you then perhaps you’ll prefer  the slightly hotter cousin – the Habanero (gulp) found in position 10 on the chilli challenge.

    Easy to grow and tasty – another one that we’ll be growing next year !

    A little bit about Scotch Bonnet

    Apparently named Scotch Bonnet due to it’s close resemblance to a Tam o’shanter. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

    scotch bonnet chilli versus tam o shanter

    There’s plenty of videos on youtube of people eating Scotch Bonnets but most of them contain expletives so you won’t find them here.

    Growing tips

    Scotch Bonnets take around 100 days to reach maturity so be sure to get your seeds in early.

    A Word of Warning

    When handling these you may opt to wear gloves. The heat can stay on washed hands for hours making tasks such as ‘removing contact lenses’ unexpectedly painful.

    bowl of chillies with scotch bonnet being identified

    close up of scotch bonnet chillies on plant

    Crop of chillies coming along nicely.

    scotch bonnet chilli plant grwoing in old fire bucket

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