• Garden Maintenance

    a well maintained garden

    Maintaining a garden is a more or less constant task, whether you are just keeping it tidy or planning major changes.  If you find yourself avoiding going outside because you just don’t know where to begin, or you are working from dawn to dusk to keep things under control, it might be time to re-assess how you go about maintaining your garden. By being realistic,  working out how much or how little you want to do, maybe getting help with the major jobs  and using the right tools you can transform what might otherwise be a chore into a pleasure – and that’s what gardening should be.  Every gardener should have unpressured pottering time in the garden and perhaps even the occasional sit down!

    That’s why you will find the articles below a useful resource for keeping on top of your garden.

    young figs on branch

    Fan Trained Trees

    With a little effort it is possible to train a number of fruit trees into a fan. Like training an Espalier a fan is an attractive solution for gardens wi...

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    garden makeover

    How to tackle a neglected garden

    There are two sorts of neglected garden – those that you inherit when you move house, or your own garden that has somehow slid out of control due to lack...

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    Lawn Mowers – a guide to buying.

    The lawn mower is without doubt the most important tool for caring for your lawn. There’s a huge range of lawn mowers on the market and our handy guide s...

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    Prune like a pro

    The primary function of pruning should be to keep the plant healthy and well balanced. A well pruned plant will retain vigour and in the instance that it p...

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    apple tree

    Restoring Neglected Apple Trees

    There are two things which most gardens have - a pile of old bricks stacked in a neglected corner and an overgrown apple tree. Most apple trees will last f...

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    The Chelsea Chop

    This is a technique that you can use on some of your perennials to delay or extend the flowering period and also create sturdier plants that need less ...

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    The Well Tended Garden

    What is a well-tended garden? Basically it is a garden that gives the impression that the owner loves it and cares for it. It doesn’t necessarily...

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    Types of Topiary

    Topiary is the name given to closely clipped evergreens. It usually consists of single shrubs that are pruned to assume a clearly defined and particula...

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    Why Summer Pruning is a Good Idea

    There’s a tendency to view summer pruning as a mysterious art carried out by the experts, while the rest of us stick to winter pruning. Actually, sum...

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