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  • Rock Stars

    It is always astonishing to see the hostile conditions that apparently make ideal homes for seemingly delicate plants. Rocky crevices and cliffs seem  to be particularly popular.  Arabis purpurea turned entire cliffs pink h...

    29th April 2017Places to Visit21 reading right nowRead More »
  • cyclamen

    Mountain Marvels

    We spent the final couple of days of our visit to Cyprus in the Troodos Mountains where snow was still lying on the highest areas. We scrunched through it to find Crocus cyprius pushing up through the pine needles. A bit lowe...

    27th April 2017Places to Visit6 reading right nowRead More »
  • colourful bee hives

    Bees & Beasties

    Colourful beehives were much in evidence whenever we walked in the countryside, but we were warned to steer well clear because the bees are a far more fearsome race than our placid British bees. At this time of year their mai...

    25th April 2017Places to Visit29 reading right nowRead More »
  • Of Lemons, Loquats and Avocados

    Aside from the citrus, we were too early to enjoy most of the fruit grown on Cyprus, although I did eat some bananas – I had no idea they were commercially grown anywhere in the Mediterranean. The plants were being cut back...

    24th April 2017Places to Visit23 reading right nowRead More »
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