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  • brugmansia

    Blooming Extraordinary Brugmansia

    Despite all the surrounding plants in the courtyard looking deciding autumnal, the brugmansia continues to flower prolifically, seemingly undaunted by the drop in temperature. Well the flowers are undaunted, but most of its...

    21st November 2017In The Garden23 reading right nowRead More »
  • protecting plants

    Time to Go Undercover

    After weeks of commenting on how many summer and autumn flowers have continued to flower their socks off, winter is now making itself felt as temperatures have plummeted.  In this sheltered coastal garden we seldom have fros...

    14th November 2017In The Garden32 reading right nowRead More »
  • art

    The Art of the Flower

    Whenever we visit an art gallery, one of my favourite pastimes is to check the floral content of the paintings. I love spotting familiar flowers at the foot of the Virgin, or examining the landscape for familiar trees – it ...

    24th October 2017Stephanie's Blog21 reading right nowRead More »
  • olive

    Autumn in Andalusia

    No mists and mellow fruitfulness in southern Spain – instead there was cloudless blue skies and temperatures peaking at 38º. Somehow, by dint of taking breaks in air-conditioned buildings and frequently rehydrating with fr...

    17th October 2017Places to Visit12 reading right nowRead More »
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