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  • brugmansia

    Brugmansia Babies

    I can’t claim to have any climatic foresight, but last autumn I decided to take cuttings from the brugmansia that I had successfully overwintered outdoors for several years. Good thing too, because despite being well wrappe...

    13th April 2018General10 reading right nowRead More »
  • daffodils

    Hever Castle & Its Dazzling Daffodils

    I’m quite good at visiting far-flung castles, but for some reason those much closer to home are often overlooked by me in favour of more intimate gardens. However, an invitation to go to Hever Castle to see their daffodils ...

    30th March 2018Places to Visit14 reading right nowRead More »
  • Rejuvenating Iris sibirica

    I love iris sibirica. It is an undemanding plant that will grow in most soils and has fine grass-like foliage that is a perfect foil to its delicate flowers that appear in May. Unlike the flag iris, it doesn’t mind a bit ...

    29th March 2018In The Garden11 reading right nowRead More »
  • Fig

    Springing into Action

    There are clear signs that spring has arrived, even though we currently have a brief return to arctic weather. The furry catkins on the pussy willow are fattening and showing silver, the first few flowers are unfurling on...

    21st March 2018In The Garden23 reading right nowRead More »
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