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  • flower arrangement

    Naturalistic Flower Arranging with the Floral Alchemist

    I had a memorable and hugely enjoyable day when I was invited to join one of the first workshops held by Shane Connolly at his London studio. He is the man behind the glorious avenue of trees and the array of British flow...

    26th May 2017Stephanie's Blog68 reading right nowRead More »
  • courtyard garden

    A Roman Holiday – for Gardeners

    The advantage of returning to Rome for a second time is that we had ticked off all the main sights during our first, foot-weary visit a few years ago. This time we could escape the milling throng and get a feel for Rome b...

    22nd May 2017Places to Visit12 reading right nowRead More »
  • Let’s Get Weaving – Plant Supports

    There’s still time to get plant supports in place, before everything gets too large, develops a mind of its own and heads off in directions that may suit it - but doesn’t add to the beauty of the garden. With this is mind...

    9th May 2017Garden Tips10 reading right nowRead More »
  • tulips

    Choosing Next Year’s Tulips

    Yes, I know that we are still enjoying this year’s show, but now is the time to make a note/take a photo of what has and hasn’t worked and adjust next autumn’s list accordingly. For example, like nearly everyone I know,...

    5th May 2017General10 reading right nowRead More »
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