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  • Orchids of Istria

    I wish I had a retentive mind for the names of orchids – some do stay with me, but many do not, so forgive the gaps in the gallery of some of the many orchids we saw growing in Istria. I will name those I am sure of, but as...

    26th May 2018Places to Visit53 reading right nowRead More »
  • Shrubs of Istria

    I did have the opportunity to see four shrubs that do grow in my garden in their native habitats – I wasn’t surprised to see the white-flowered Cistus monspeliensis close to the coast, nor the lovely Etruscan honeysuckle,...

    25th May 2018Places to Visit55 reading right nowRead More »
  • Jurinea

    Dry Meadows & Waysides of Istria

    Whether it was steeply sloping meadows of Orlanda grandiflora, the brilliant blues of Salvia pratensis and Nice milkwort, or Dittany dotted grasslands there was always something to keep me interested. Lanes were lined with st...

    24th May 2018Places to Visit13 reading right nowRead More »
  • Primula longiflora

    Damp Meadows & Waysides of Istria

    High or low, there was always something to learn about favoured habitats - from the dropworts and summer snowflakes close to rivers, to the boggy meadows at higher levels rich with wild narcissus, paeonies and irises and a la...

    22nd May 2018Places to Visit12 reading right nowRead More »
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