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  • citrus tree flower

    Citrus Pest Patrol

    One of my three citrus trees has spent the winter in the comfort of the kitchen, while the other two have overwintered in the cooler conditions of ‘the orangery’ – in other words on a bench in front of the garage window...

    22nd March 2017Stephanie's Blog3 reading right nowRead More »
  • fig tree, fan trained tree

    Tying up Plants

    Inspired by visits to other gardens where they practise the fine art of tying plants onto their supports before (rather than after) they start to put on new growth, I have been out subduing plants that will look better and be...

    15th March 2017Stephanie's Blog5 reading right nowRead More »
  • garden lighting

    Let there be Light

    Until this week, coming into our garden at night has been a hazardous venture for those with less-than-perfect night vision.  This includes me.  The steps that lead down from the door in the wall to the front door have defi...

    12th March 2017Stephanie's Blog5 reading right nowRead More »
  • hellebores

    The Illusion of Control

    I was talking to a fellow gardener and we were agreeing that this is a wonderful time in the garden – spring is underway and for the moment the weeds are smaller than we are.  Well, except for a sneaky few, they won’t ac...

    10th March 2017In The Garden2 reading right nowRead More »
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