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  • tulip tree

    Letting in the Light

    Our magnificent tulip tree Liriodendron tulipifera has just had its five-yearly haircut. As much as we would like to leave it to grow without interference, there comes a point when it overhangs the house to such an extent...

    14th November 2018In The GardenRead More »
  • wisteria

    Wisterias for Small Spaces

    Wisterias are wonderful plants, but once established they do have imperialistic tendencies, wreathing and twining their way to cover walls, reach for roofs and wind through windows, so generally it is not considered a suita...

    25th October 2018Stephanie's Blog26 reading right nowRead More »
  • sycamore

    Autumn Treasures at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

    After an amazing summer, autumn seems determined to compete. A group of garden journalists, including myself, were fortunate to take a guided tour of the Hillier Gardens with head gardener, David Jewell and the one-ma...

    9th October 2018Places to Visit27 reading right nowRead More »
  • Asters

    Peak Aster

    If you harbour doubts about the usefulness of asters in the garden, can I recommend a visit to Waterperry Gardens where the borders are made brilliant with these vibrant autumn flowers. Just at the point when their summer...

    26th September 2018Places to Visit26 reading right nowRead More »
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