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  • rhubarb forcers,gravel garden

    Filling the Colour Gap

    It’s that time in the garden when the late spring and early summer flowers are gone, or fading fast, and the late performers are only just starting to kick in. And thanks to the very welcome, but exceptionally heavy rain th...

    1st July 2017Stephanie's Blog22 reading right nowRead More »
  • fern

    I’m Fond of a Frond

    I find myself increasingly enamoured by ferns. They are such useful plants and once you get your eye in, you realise they have wonderfully diverse appearances. When the spring flowers and bulbs have done their stuff in the wo...

    22nd June 2017Stephanie's Blog27 reading right nowRead More »
  • James Alexander Sinlcair, Sound Garden

    Reflections on Chelsea 2017

    Now that all the hubbub has died down and I have had time to think about this year’s Chelsea, I thought I would report on the lasting impressions, rather than my instant reactions. And as this was the first Chelsea in s...

    6th June 2017Chelsea Flower Show11 reading right nowRead More »
  • flower arrangement

    Naturalistic Flower Arranging with the Floral Alchemist

    I had a memorable and hugely enjoyable day when I was invited to join one of the first workshops held by Shane Connolly at his London studio. He is the man behind the glorious avenue of trees and the array of British flow...

    26th May 2017Stephanie's Blog11 reading right nowRead More »
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