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    Whether your planting space is a few pots on a balcony, a modest plot, or something far grander, it is the plants that furnish a garden.  For some, this is done with colourful flowers that  weave through borders and cascade from containers to create a romantic, informal atmosphere, while others prefer architectural trees, shrubs and grasses for a more contemporary and minimalist result – but whatever your style there are plants that will help you grow the garden of your dreams.

    geranium-rosannebright red berries on pyracanthusbeautiful blue anemonelime green zinniasilk hibiscus from Australiagreat way for labelling flowersspectacular pink camelliahellobores flowers on a rustic wooden tablewhite japanese anemones

    365 Days of Herbs

    Herbs add savour, flavour and fragrance to our lives and whilst they may not be absolutely essential, life is immeasurably improved when they become a part...

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    Chilli Peppers

    We've arranged 10 popular chillies from the mild to the seriously hot on a simple scale. Starting at 1 with the mildest variety, with each step up the scal...

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    How to Grow Asparagus

    When a couple set up home together they are often advised to invest in the best bed that they can afford.  Well - it’s pretty much the same with asparag...

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    How to Grow Strawberries

    There are few flavours to rival that of a sun-warmed strawberry, freshly picked from the garden - certainly not the chilled specimens (grown for their unif...

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    carniverous plants

    Plants that Bite

    Whether it’s watching the jaws of a Venus flytrap snap shut or seeing an insect stick to the gluey pads of a sundew, children are fascinated by carnivoro...

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    There's barely a month of the year when you can't pick a posy from the garden. From snowdrops in late winter, through blossom in spring to the glor...

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    Smelling the Roses

    Just occasionally someone confesses that they don’t like roses – an unimaginable comment to the rest of us for whom the rose is the essence of beau...

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    Spring Scents

    We are most aware of the fragrance of plants in the warm summer months when we spend most time outdoors, but there are also many alluring scents in the spr...

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    Ten Shrubs and Trees for Winter Fragrance in the Garden

    In summer it’s the large colourful blooms and heady fragrances that attract pollinators, but winter-flowering plants need to use a different strategy. Fo...

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