• Posies

    There’s barely a month of the year when you can’t pick a posy from the garden. From snowdrops in late winter, through blossom in spring to the glories of summer and the rich pickings of autumn you can usually find the flowers for a posy or two without depleting the garden in the way you might for a larger arrangement. Whether it’s a present to cheer up a friend  or relative, something for the guest bedroom  or the centre of the table – a few carefully chosen flowers are always admired and appreciated. If you are giving your posy as a present, arrange the flowers in your hand as you pick them and then tie them with ribbon or raffia. If they are for the house, take your vase outside and pop the flowers in as you pick them that way you will pick just what is needed and no more.

    Depending on the time of year you might also try your hand at a wreath:


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