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    Wowsers, things are really heating up now with the Rodeo F1 Chilli. This has a respectable Scoville rating of 20,000 units and clocks in at position 6 in the chilli challenge. That’s twice as hot as the Serrano chilli.  If left to ripen from green to red the heat will intensify. So if you are feeling brave then by all means tuck into some intense red ones. Perhaps one of the most distinctive characteristics of Rodeo F1 is that the chillies are round making them well suited to stuff. They are only small – so be careful you don’t get these confused with a cherry tomato.

    We love these chillies – easy to grow and the shape offers you something different. Definitely one to grow next year !

    A little bit about Rodeo, F1

    The term F1 stands for Filial 1, a term used in genetics to describe offspring, in this instance seeds, from different parents. Mules are F1 hybrids of a horse crossed with a donkey.

    In Italy Rodeo F1 chillies are traditionally stuffed with anchovies and preserved in olive oil. Why stop at anchovies – these chillies would be great stuffed with cheese too.

    bowl of chillies

    No need to point these out – it’s the round ones. You could see why it would be a mistake to confuse these with cherry tomatoes.

    Growing tips

    Rodeo F1 take approx 90 days to reach maturity. They grow to be around 70cm high and produce a good harvest from July onwards.

    Rodeo F1 chilli on plant

    Earlier in the season – still edible and tasty when green.


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