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    Ring of Fire

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    And it burns,burns burns. With a name like ‘Ring of Fire’ you know this chilli is going to be hot. So exactly how hot are we talking here ? It has a Scoville rating it 85,000. If that doesn’t mean much to you then perhaps this will –  let’s compare it to some other chillies you will be familiar with. It’s almost 15 times as hot as a Jalapeno – you know the ones you often find on top of pizzas or nachos. And of course if you’re working your way up the chilli challenge scale you’ll know it’s twice as hot as the Cayenne Pepper.  For this reason Ring of Fire has been awarded 8th place in the Chilli Challenge.

    Easy to grow and one to try if you like it hot,hot hot !

    A little bit about Ring of Fire

    These pencil thin chillies are one of the first hot chillies to ripen. They are very similar in character to Cayenne but significantly hotter. You have been warned !

    These chillies have a thin skin which makes them well suited to drying. Once dried they can be crushed and stored for use in the winter months when your plants have long since passed.

    Growing tips

    Like Cayenne Ring of Fire chillies are relatively quick to reach maturity (around 80 days). They are very productive so this is a good chilli to grow if you are short on space but looking to harvest a good crop.

    bowl of ring of fire chillies

    Ring of fire chillies are long and thin – like a cayenne.

    ring of fire chillies - close up

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