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    the chilli challenge
    The Anaheim chilli pepper is one of the mildest you will ever try hence it’s position at no. 1 in the chilli challenge. There are cultivars of Anaheim in New Mexico which are developed to be a little spicier but in this particular instance the Scoville Rating is 750.

    Generally you will find that as chillies ripen from green to red there is a tendency for the heat to increase. Unless you’re a beginner we’d suggest you try something with a little more bite.  Of all the chillies in the challenge this is one of two that did not germinate.


    Next on the scale is Poblano which is twice as hot but still considered a mild chilli.

    A little bit about Anaheim

    The Anaheim Chilli comes from ‘Anaheim’, California. Sometimes simply referred to as Californian Chillies they mature with a thick skin that makes them great for stuffing.

    Anaheim chillies are often used to make Rellenos. These are chillies stuffed with cheese and then coated in egg and fried.

    Growing tips

    On average Anaheim take around 90 days to reach harvest from seed. They can grow to be quite tall (up to 80cm) although you can encourage your chilli plant to bush out by pinching  the top out. You can read a little more about this in the ‘how to grow chillies‘ section.

    empty pot where anaheim chilli should be

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