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    Next up we’ll be sampling the Poblano Chilli. This very mild chilli is rated 2 on the scale of heat. That makes it twice as hot as the Anaheim. People with a sensitive palette may be able to pick up on a little heat from this chilli but it’s not going to blow your socks off. You can eat these fresh from the plant without too much fuss but they are quite bitter so may be better cooked with something else. There’s a recipe to try below. Growing your own chilli plants has the added advantage of broadening your horizons in the kitchen too.

    the verdict

    If size is your criteria then this wins hands down however we won’t be growing Poblano again. It wasn’t very tasty or spicy enough.

     A little bit about Poblano

    The Poblano Chilli originates from the state of Puebla, Mexico. The pepper’s grow to be quite large – anything from from around three to six inches long. They also form thick walls which make them well suited for stuffing with ingredients. If left to go red they tend to get a little hotter.

    Try this recipe.

    A few chillies starting to appear

    poblano plant with chillies on

    fully grown pepper

    And now fully grown but best left to ripen to red.

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