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    Taking us off the scale is the Naga Chilli Pepper with a Scoville rating close to a million. So just how hot is that ? It’s 150  times hotter than the humble Jalapeno. Things don’t get much hotter than this and we certainly do not recommend eating one of these raw. In India the locals are known to smear the peppers on fences to keep wild elephants at bay. India’s civil defense has more recently announced plans to use them as a non lethal hand grenade for dispersing rioters.  You have been warned ! If you are planning on using these in a curry or something similar then consider refrigerating a toilet roll in advance.

    Whilst this chilli was simple to grow the heat it gives off is almost intolerable (for me at least). For this reason I won’t be growing this again.

    A little bit about Naga

    Please give a warm welcome (pun intended) to the World Record Holder of the Hottest Chilli Pepper in the World !

    Guiness Book of Records,2007.

    In 2012 this prestigious title was superseded by the trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper but to be frank you probably wouldn’t be able to tell which was hotter. They’d both blow your socks off.

    Growing tips

    Naga are quick to mature taking around 80 days from seed.

    naga chilli pepper in bowl with others

    Doesn’t look like much but it will blow your socks off !

    the hottest chilli in the challenge

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