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    Habanero Chilli Pepper

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    Okay – we’re talking seriously hot here, seriously, seriously hot. Habanero have thin waxy flesh that is similar to that of the Scotch Bonnet (# 9 on the Scale of Hotness). Although unlikely if you can get beyond the heat you’ll find the Habanero to be fruity with a citrus like flavour. Until Naga appeared on the scene Habanero was considered by the Guinness Book of Records to be the hottest Chilli in the World. There are several varieties of Habanero available so you can choose from a range of colours (described as orange, white, lemon, chocolate) and each has a different heat rating. In this instance we’ve chosen to grow red Habanero with a Scoville rating of 350,000 – ouch! Like many peppers the Habanero will start off green but given the right conditions (sun) will turn red as they ripen. They take longer than most to reach maturity so if you’re thinking of trying to grow these in the UK you will probably need a greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory to see a decent harvest.

    A little bit about Habanero

    The intensely hot Habanero comes from the Amazon. The name Habanero is believed to mean from Havana, Cuba. In recent years it is the perhaps the Yucatan Peninsula that has become synonymous with growing Habanero with exports exceeding two thousand tonnes per year.

    Now try this :

    hot chilli - funny warningHabanero peppers are used regularly in Mexican cuisine. Mixed with beans, salt and lime juice the heat is taken out of the chillis. Add some sauteed beef, onions and tomatoes and you’ve got yourself a decent Chilli Con Carne. Alternatively you can create a spicy salsa – toss with chopped tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.

    Warning :Wear gloves while handling habaneros !

    Growing tips

    Habanero are slower than most chillies to mature taking over 100 days so be sure to get your seeds in early.

    habanero chilli in a bowl with other chillies

    Two for the price of one with this habanero

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