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    Look in your spice drawer and you’ll likely find some Cayenne Pepper. As you might expect this has come from Cayenne Chilli peppers which have been dried, baked into cakes and then ground to produce the powder.  Whether powdered or fresh a small taste of cayenne will bring you to the swift conclusion that it’s hot, hot, hot ! With a Scoville rating of 40,000 the Cayenne is twice as hot as the Rodeo F1 pepper and 4 times hotter than the comparatively mild Jalapeno.  Consequently the Cayenne Pepper  has landed itself at No.7 in the Chilli Challenge.  Respect !

    Unfortunately this did not germinate this year. We have enjoyed success with this in the past so we’ll give it another go next year.


    A little bit about Cayenne

    Named after the city of Cayenne in the French Guiana this pepper is said to help with flatulence, blood circulation, rheumatism and sore throats. Not bad for a humble chilli.

    Maximise the potential of these attractive chillies by stringing them up when they are fresh and leave them to dry. Once dried they can be crushed and stored.

    Bonus Challenge

    Why not challenge a friend to see who can grow the longest cayenne pepper ? The loser can buy the beers or eat their losing chilli !

    Growing tips

    Cayenne are quick to reach maturity (as little as 70 days).

    empty pot that should house a cayenne pepper plant

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