• Tulip Colour Combinations

    6th April 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson
    by Daniel Carruthers

    tulips in border with daffodils
    I’d like to think I am fairly organised when it comes to the garden but last year I left my annual tulip shopping a little late. Not too late though, according to Fergus Garrett you can still plant tulips up until Christmas Day. Those of you that read the blog regularly will know our go to choice for tulips is Peter Nyssen who offer a huge range of bulbs at very reasonable prices. I’m still experimenting with tulips so this year I opted for two complimentary colours. They’re mixed up in this bed with some daffodils beneath a dormant iceberg rose bush.

    The red/pink tulips are Dior & Albert Heyn whilst the lighter ones, which aren’t quite through yet are Pink Diamond. Here’s a few more of our favourite tulips from previous years.