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    Top 5 Favourite Tulips

    20th October 2012Timely AdviceStephanie Donaldson


    When to plant tulips
    There’s some comfort in knowing that Fergus Garrett, of Great Dixter, plants his tulips on Christmas Day but you might be better advised to plant your tulips over a clear weekend in November (weather permitting ofcourse).

    Where to buy Tulips

    Regulars of the blog will know we generally buy most of our bulbs online from Peter Nyssen.

    5 Must have Tulips 

    One of the advantages of keeping a garden blog is that it creates a visual record. It’s simple to look back over posts from the Spring to see what was successful as well as what failed. Here’s five tulips I’ll be growing again this year :

    Tulip Barcelona

    tulips in flower
    Tulip Clusiana Cynthia – yellow with subtle red exterior

    Tulip Ballerina

    Tulip Purple Dream

    Tulip brown sugar