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  • gardening books

    Plant-Based Reading

    While I was confined indoors as ‘the beast from the east’ rampaged outdoors, I found myself -  more by chance than design - reading three books that centred on plants in one way or another.  As someone who finds that li...

    7th March 2018Gardening Books19 reading right nowRead More »
  • dahlias

    Preparing to be Dazzled by Dahlias

    If, like me, you dig up your dahlias and store them overwinter – or have bought some new tubers – now is the time to get them potted up and growing-on. Stored dahlias should be removed from whatever you have stored them i...

    20th February 2018In The Garden18 reading right nowRead More »
  • greenhouse up close

    How much do the Best Luxury Greenhouses cost ?

    There are many greenhouses on the market in the United Kingdom but there are four independent greenhouse manufacturers that stand above the rest in terms of quality. These are Cultivar greenhouses, Alitex, Hartley Botanic and...

    15th February 2018Timely Advice17 reading right nowRead More »
  • leafmould

    Choosing the Right Mulch

    Now that I’m getting on with tidying the borders, it makes sense to apply a mulch at the same time. Leave it much longer and it will be far trickier to spread the mulch amongst the growing plants. But what to use? ...

    7th February 2018In The Garden21 reading right nowRead More »
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