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  • greenhouses

    Brilliant News from The Walled Nursery at Hawkhurst

    I’m a regular and enthusiastic visitor to this lovely nursery and I have watched progress with interest since Emma and Monty Davies took it over seven years ago. Like many previously productive walled gardens, it had fallen...

    16th February 2017Stephanie's Blog2 reading right nowRead More »
  • greenhouse shelving

    Why buy a greenhouse ?

    Getting out in the garden at this time of year requires motivation and the appropriate winter clothing. Unless you have a greenhouse that is. A greenhouse offers protection from the elements and crucially at this time of yea...

    14th February 2017I Couldn't Do Without5 reading right nowRead More »
  • What Took Me So Long?

    Faced with the chore of removing all the leaves from the borders so that the spring bulbs don’t have to fight their way through a soggy mulch of tulip tree leaves, I finally succumbed and spent £11.99 on a Bin Bag Loader. ...

    13th February 2017I Couldn't Do WithoutRead More »
  • beans

    Mystery Beans

    I’m a bit puzzled by the random broad bean plants that are popping up in the woodland, in the borders and in pots of bulbs. I can only think that a squirrel has cached the beans at some point and failed to return for them, ...

    8th February 2017In The GardenRead More »
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