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  • 5 Reasons Why Gardeners Must Go Peat-Free

    Peat bogs cover just 3% of the earth’s surface but store 30% of the world’s carbon. They are the world’s largest carbon sink, storing more than all other types of vegetation combined The peat forming process...

    21st February 2020GeneralRead More »
  • porch greenhouse at garden show

    Greenhouse with Porch – where to buy.

    It’s true to say that most gardens in the UK are long and thin. These lend themselves well to traditional greenhouses that have a door in the gable. Longer gardens can accommodate longer greenhouses. But if you are lucky en...

    15th January 2020GeneralRead More »
  • tomatoes

    10 basic gardening tips for beginners So you've finally got some outdoor space and you want to start a garden Here's 10 tips to help get you off to the right start. Buy yourself a spade. You don't need to spend ...

    7th September 2019Garden TipsRead More »
  • hyrangea Pee Wee, hydrangea

    5 Low Maintenance Garden Plants It's no secret that gardening requires effort and time but if you have have a busy schedule or a propensity perhaps to sit and relax then here's five low maintenance garden plant...

    31st August 20195 Plants forRead More »
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