• Storing Summer Sunshine

    11th September 2016RecipesStephanie Donaldson

    Despite the blight, I’m still picking tomatoes from the survivors, as well as from the greenhouse crop which remains in good shape.  There are only so many tomato salads and sandwiches we can manage to eat, so every few days I am slow roasting the surplus in olive oil with herbs, garlic and seasoning, to freeze  for winter eating.  They are spread in a single layer on a baking sheet, put into a moderate oven and roasted until they start to char and caramelise.  Then they are left to cool in a bowl before putting them through a mouli mill to remove the skins, seeds and stalks. At this stage I check the flavour and if it is not quite intense enough I will reduce it down a bit before freezing it.  Today’s glut is winter’s delight.

    oven roasted tomatoes

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