• Climbers

    Any out of control climber is probably best cut right back close to the ground so that you can remove the tangled mass of material, weed it, feed it  and retrain it so that it is an asset rather than an eyesore.  Never do this during bird nesting season as your eyesore is their des res.  With some plants there is a chance that this harsh treatment might just finish them off, but this is an opportunity for an upgrade  and you can replace it with something both lovely and manageable.  What doesn’t expire will grow rapidly and you will need to be ready to tie it in place and establish an annual pruning regime to avoid it happening all over again.  As with trees and shrubs, it may be worth calling on expert advice to do the initial cutting back, and explain the different pruning regimes. This is especially true if you need to replace/install wires, trellis or other supports.

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