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    Garden Design Ideas

    When it comes to getting ideas for your garden it might help to break down the different elements. So where to start – perhaps the best place to start is the garden boundary. This articles on fences, screens and hedges will steer you in the right direction and will hopefully provide some inspiration.

    Once you have decided on the look and style of your garden boundary you can start to consider the layout. So what are the other major elements to consider when designing a garden. Ask yourself these questions :

    What will you use your garden for (relaxing, socialising, growing your own fruit and veg) ?

    Will you have any structures in the garden (a greenhouse or shed for example) ? We’ll talk about how best to position these in due course.

    What sort of path will suit your garden and where the best place for it ? This article will help you choose the right path.

    How much space would you like to give to beds and borders ? This takes planning and this article will help you go about choosing the right mix of plants in the right way.

    Once you’ve got your design down on paper you can start to consider other elements such as water features and whether to go for a range of pots and planters.

    One of the best things to do for getting ideas is to visit the garden shows. We’ve been to all the major shows over the last few years so we have a wide range of images to browse. Visit our inspiration section where you’ll find links to all the shows and see some of the best garden designers at work.

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