• Cottage Garden Climbers

    flowering climber cascading over wall
    Gardens are more than horizontal spaces, the verticals are just as important, especially in a cottage setting. Plant climbers to festoon walls, scramble over outbuildings, wreath windows and generally add to the glory of the garden. Unless you have ambitions to emulate Sleeping Beauty though, it is wise to select varieties that are not too rampant. ‘Rambling Rector’ is a wonderful rose but it’s tendency to take off over the roof can be a problem. And don’t tell yourself that you will keep it pruned – the more you cut it back the faster it will grow. Of course there are many, many lovely climbing roses that are far more manageable, so choose from them. Honeysuckle, clematis, jasmine and perennial sweet peas are traditional cottage garden climbers and can be planted to twine amongst the roses. And no cottage garden should be without a wigwam of annual sweetpeas.

    wisteria in flower

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