• Cottage Garden Boundaries

    Informality is the key here – as with all other aspects of cottage gardening. If you have an existing fence or wall that is rather stark or very uniform, then you can soften it with planting – add trellis and plant old-fashioned climbers like honeysuckle, clematis or roses – or plant fan-trained fruit trees.

    wooden picket fence with flower beyond

    If there is space, a hedge of native trees and shrubs will help give the garden a country feel and will also attract beneficial wildlife.  But do try to be sensitive and appropriate to your surroundings – if you don’t live in the country and neighbouring gardens are neat and tidy, looking too rural can end up just looking messy and neglected – in this case a picket fence with roses and old-fashioned perennials would be much more sympathetic and still have the cottage garden feel.

    picket fence with cornflower

    Cornflowers visible through the fencing.

    cottage garden picket fence

    Another picket fence – this time with entwined with roses.

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