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Garden Sleepovers


The latest edition of Alastair Sawday’s ‘Special Places to stay in Britain for Garden Lovers’ has just been published.  It is crammed full of lovely houses to stay in, with wonderful gardens to wander through.  If I could work out a way to get my garden to look after itself, I could spend months wandering round the country visiting them. £12.99  plus £2.99 p&p from www.sawdays.co.uk

Open Garden

Despite steady rain in the morning, the visitors proved themselves to be a hardy lot and by the end of the day over 730 enthusiasts had been to inspect the garden. Gradually the weather improved and eventually the sky was a cloudless blue.  The visitors said many lovely things, a substantial amount of money was raised for the Hospice and we  were happy that our efforts had all been worthwhile.  With our many narrow paths in the garden we again used a one way system which meant that there was none of the damage that happens when people are pushing past one another in different directions. A tip to remember.