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    Wisterias for Small Spaces

    25th October 2018Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson


    Wisterias are wonderful plants, but once established they do have imperialistic tendencies, wreathing and twining their way to cover walls, reach for roofs and wind through windows, so generally it is not considered a suitable plant for small spaces.  However, on my recent visit to the Hillier Garden  I saw a new technique they are using that makes it possible to grow them successfully in a garden with limited space.

    With this system the wisterias are grown up a single sturdy post about 3 metres tall. A single stem is trained up the post and the side shoots are spur-pruned back to a couple of buds from the main stem (similar to how fruit trees are pruned).  As the plants establish this will build a framework that will be laden with flowers in the spring.  It is important to cut back the new shoots that emerge during the growing season to maintain the shape of the flowering column.