• Where the Wild Things Grow

    28th August 2013Stephanie RecommendsStephanie Donaldson

    sedum and wildflower meadow Given the right conditions, there aren’t many gardeners who wouldn’t love to establish a wildflower meadow somewhere in their garden, but the reality is that starting from scratch can be a lengthy and tricky process. Read about it in one of the many books or features written on the topic – and you may well decide that it is all far too much trouble. But as with many things, it can be a lot easier if you enlist help from experts. Meadowmat is a quicker and easier way of establishing a wildflower meadow. You will still need to clear, cultivate and level the ground, but after that it is simply a matter of rolling out your meadow and following the instructions to ensure great results. Thirty four different species of British wild flowers are grown on to a thin layer of growing medium supported by a lightweight net and is delivered with around 75% coverage of plants that will soon grow into a dense sward. Meadowmat is sold by the square metre and can be laid at any time of year.

    screenshot of meadowmat website There’s lots more information on the Meadowmat website and you can get an instant quote for the area you have in mind.