• When the Sun Shines……..

    29th April 2016Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    When winter seems reluctant to leave, we gardeners love to get outside and get on with things, but even though the temperatures are low, the strength of the sun is increasing daily.  This is something I’m very aware of as I have a tiny area of skin damage on my nose which could turn to to a basal cell carcinoma if I ignored it.  I’ve had it checked and its fine as long as I wear a hat whenever practical and use sunblock on my face.  I now use Boots Factor 50 sunblock every day – even in winter – and wear a hat whenever the sun shines. If you are interested I use the Soltan Dry Touch Face Cream for everyday and their BB Face Suncare Cream if I want a touch of make up. Better safe than sorry. wear suncream

    I was prompted to write this post when I received an email about a new campaign called ‘Watch Your Back’ – a new gardener’s health campaign being launched by the Melanoma Fund. Apparently men over 50 are at the highest risk  with melanomas appearing on the back, head and neck where they are not easy to spot and tend to be diagnosed later, making treatment more difficult. Find out more, including The Gardeners Sun Safety Code at