• Water Wise

    15th February 2010Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    old watering can standing on rain tank I’m very excited because we have finally got around to fitting rainwater diverters to all our downpipes which means that we will no longer need to worry about hosepipe bans. I know….. I’m probably the only person worrying about this in February!  Trouble is, by the time a water shortage looms, it is often too late to harvest a decent amount of water.  I haven’t got a water butt or a tank for each downpipe yet, but now that the diverters are in place all I have to do is find one I like and put it in place.  As proof of how much water can be collected, last night’s rain completely filled the 500 litre galvanised tank that had been cleaned up, fitted with a tap and positioned beneath  a downpipe.