• Waiting for Mr Darcy

    11th July 2011Hampton Court Flower ShowStephanie Donaldson

    The Wantsum from Court & Hunt was my personal 'Best in Show' - just the place to wait for a rendezvous with Mr Darcy!

    Shepherd’s Hut makers, Court & Hunt have decided to branch out from the  practicality of  the hut  and also make this delicious and totally covetable summerhouse on wheels.  I hung it around for ages, wishing I had the life, the garden (and the money) that would accommodate it, but in the end I made do with a postcard.  Can’t you just see it in the evening light with candles flickering in the sconces as  Elizabeth Bennet waits a rendezvous with Mr Darcy?

    The windows look old but are actually handmade by the designer