• Vine House Farm

    1st February 2014Stephanie RecommendsStephanie Donaldson

    Terracotta-bird-nest For bird lovers, Valentine’s Day is about more than hearts and flowers – it also marks the start of National Nest Box Week. Providing a suitable home, regular food and fresh clean water for your garden birds is a two-way street.  Do these things and the birds will find your garden an attractive habitat and reward your efforts by keeping pests under control as well as filling the garden with birdsong as spring approaches. It’s amazing just how many different species of bird will turn up once they know (via Twitter?) that there is easily accessible food on offer. It is important to keep on feeding the birds, especially in winter when they use a great deal of energy flying to and fro from the feeder – if the feeder is empty when they get there they will have depleted their reserves and have to fly elsewhere to find food.  Similarly, a bird bath should be kept clean and filled with water  – and  not just for drinking – bathing is essential for birds health. If you are keen to do everything you can to increase and nurture the bird population in your own garden, Vine House Farm website is a good place to start.  They supply everything bird-related from home grown birdfeed, to feeders and nestboxes  and much more besides. screenshot of Vine House Farm website who specialise in birdseed