• More Tulip Fever

    26th November 2009Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Not the 17th century variety that had people speculating vast fortunes on a single bulb, but the effect of attempting to resolve the annual problem of too many bulbs and not enough pots to put them in!  Last year this was sorted out by planting them in the borders, but since I discovered that badgers dig tulips up and feast on them, that is no longer an option. They had a go at the newly planted iris reticulata bulbs last week, but they are obviously not as tasty – there were several chewed bulbs lying on the garden path.  The rest of the iris are now planted in pots on ledges, tabletops and windowsills.  Having badgers in the garden is a bit like having toddlers in the house – everything has to be put out of their reach!