• Trulli Marvellous

    25th May 2012GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    Nigel Dunnett’s Blue Water Garden is an interesting working of an old idea – the harvesting and use of water to create a green oasis in the driest of places.  The building is based on the trulli of the Puglia region of southern Italy, the water rills echo the paradise gardens of ancient Persia and the planting was inspired by the dry meadows of south eastern Europe.  It felt very different to many of the other gardens – fresher, crisper and with more vibrant colour contrasts.  With the warm weather I’m sure the orange martagon lilies will be looking better and better as the week progresses.  The roof of the trulli has been made without any mortar – a real work of art.
    internal photo of the roof

    orange martagon lilies