• Trailfinders Australian Garden Kissed by the Sun

    25th May 2013GeneralStephanie Donaldson
    trailfinders garden on a cloudy day

    Monday – without sun

    flowers in the shade at chelsea

    Wednesday – with sun

    I paid a return visit to Chelsea on Wednesday evening and I was transfixed by the transformation to this garden. On the chill of press day it was impressive with it’s billabong, its metal studio, the tree ferns and grasses, but nearly all the flowers in the foreground were in tight bud. In Wednesday’s evening sun they all burst into flower and it really was heart-stoppingly lovely. I returned again and again to look at it – it was like an Australian version of the ‘flowery meads’ that can be seen in a medieval book of hours. On Monday I admired the garden, on Wednesday I loved it.

    the sun brought out the flowers on this garden

    Wednesday – with sun