• Tidy Goings-On in the Walled Garden

    1st July 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson
    foxtail lilies at Petsworth

    The rocket-like stems erupting from the central bed are the seedheads of foxtail lilies

    I do like a productive garden, especially when it has glasshouses and potting sheds. Those at Petworth are an object lesson in tidy order. The Vegetable Garden has been revamped so that it is decorative as well as productive – and a lot easier to look after in these days when it is no longer necessary to grow food for a household of hundreds.

    Productive borders at Petsworth divided by gravel paths

    Productive borders are divided by gravel paths and brick-edged lawn

    Artichokes and Crambe at on display at Crambe.

    Artichokes and Crambe in the central circular bed

    the purple Campanula pyramidalis in full flower

    Campanula pyramidalis – one of nature’s more eccentric offerings

    pelargoniums in the glasshouse at Petsworth

    pelargonium tricuspidata in flower at the greenhouse in Petsworth gardens

    Pelargoniums in the Petworth glasshouses – I particularly liked (and now want) Pelargonium tricuspidata with its unusual foliage

    immaculate garden ledger on display at Petsworth

    very neatly stacked pots in a garden shed

    I suspect that the current head gardener doesn’t write up these immaculate ledgers, but there is no doubt that he keeps a tidy shed

    neatly stacked pots on bench with riddles on the wall above


    Fair Quiet Have I Found Thee Here

    This perfect corner at Petworth with its beautifully engraved wall plaque says it all………
    perfect corner at Petworth with beautifully engraved wall plaque