• Thriving Tomatoes

    29th March 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    tomatoes seedlings racing up in March
    Get the conditions right and nothing likes to grow quite as much as tomatoes – I started this year’s batch off in coir jiffies in a heated propagator and once they had germinated I moved them to my Grow Light Garden which I find invaluable at this time of year. The lid with the lights is positioned within a couple of inches of the foliage ensuring that they grow straight and sturdy. As soon as they had grown their first pair of proper leaves I potted them on into 7cm pots and put them back under the light. They will soon be ready to move out into the greenhouse where I will keep fleece handy for cool nights. I will probably pot them on once more before they get planted in grow bags.
    tomato seedlings thrive under propagator