• The Versatility of Hanging Baskets

    14th January 2013GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    I’m not a huge fan of summer displays in hanging baskets, except for growing salad, strawberries and tomatoes, but nonetheless I do find them fantastically useful and buy old ones whenever I see them.

    hanging baskets full of edible plants

    © Michelle Garrett

    hanging basket turned upside down and used to protect plants
    • They are perfect for positioning over newly planted plants so you don’t tread on them by mistake
    • Will stop cats rolling on catmint
    • Prevent squirrels from digging up bulbs

    hanging baskets and fleece used to protect plants from snow
    • Used with fleece will keep snow off vulnerable plants

    old wire hanging basket
    • Antique wirework hanging baskets are attractive enough to be garden decorations in their own right