• E. myrsinites in full flower

    The Useful Euphorbia

    7th April 2014In The GardenStephanie Donaldson
    E. myrsinites in full flower

    E. myrsinites

    This is the time of year when euphorbias really come into their own as a perfect foil for spring bulbs. The larger varieties, including E.mellifera and E.wulfenii provide structure throughout the year, but with their spring topping of flowers, they add that wonderful acid green that works so well with tulips and narcissi. This year’s mild winter means that mellifera is flowering earlier than usual and the garden is already filled with the scent of honey on warm days. E. polychroma is a favourite in the borders where it looks great among the newly emerging herbaceous plants while the scaly-leaved stems of E.myrsinites coil sinuously over walls.


    E. wulfenii in flower

    E. wulfenii

    E. mellifera in flower

    E. mellifera

    E. polychroma in bloom

    E. polychroma