• The Greenhouse as Art

    5th December 2015Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    greenhouse with stained galss
    Regular readers will know that I am rather keen on art that is about – or features in some way – anything of horticultural relevance. So to have this glowing and gorgeous stained glass greenhouse a 5-minute walk away from home is very exciting indeed. Called ‘Limelight: The Gardener’ it is the work of artists Heywood & Condie who have used 18th & 19th century religious art and reused it  to create mythical creatures and chimeras that are part plant, part human and part insect.  They describe it as a horticultural temple and a place of sanctuary and introspection where the daily rituals of growing things helps the gardener gain an understanding of his or her place in the world . Limelight can be seen in the courtyard of the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings until January 3rd 2016  Photograph ©Shelley Gibbon, courtesy Jerwood Gallery