• The Grand Pavilion

    27th May 2011GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    Bulldog Tools Forge Garden deservedly won a gold medal

    This beautifully realised garden didn't miss a trick!

    I long for someone to start making galvanised water drums again!

    It's hard to believe this is in a marquee in Chelsea and not down a country lane

    The old bellows that would have been used for the forge

    Apparently there may be a wheat shortage this year - might this be the answer?

    Kirstenbosch did wonderful plantings against photographic backdrops

    The proteas with Table Mountain in the backdrop whetted my appetite for my trip there in September

    This giant steel and copper dragonfly hovered above a display of water plants

    I'm not generally one for the Florists displays but these jockeys silks were eye catching

    More floraljockeys silks

    Saracenias are extraordinary and very photogenic plants

    This was one of several impressively beautiful saxifrages


    Trinidad & Tobago's Horticultural Society's display was one of the best of the exotic displays

    Raymond Evison's clematis were a major feature with a magnificent display including a tunnel of clematis

    There's a wonderful display of Lady's slipper orchids - apparently with the right conditions they are not hard to grow, but not a plant for the dry so

    Avon bulbs always manage one of the best displays and this year is no exception despite the trying conditions

    Jim Keelings gilded terracotta flame was an impressive centrepiece to the Hillier garden amongst orange-gold azaleas