• The Dream Team have Departed

    9th June 2013GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    the-dream-team The 2nd phase of the re-landscaping of the garden was completed today and I’m like a dog with two tails at the results. Now instead of risking life and limb every time I go down to the greenhouse, I have such classy stone steps that I have an enjoyable fantasy that there’s a Provencal restaurant at the bottom rather than the greenhouse and the compost bins! Everything looks rather new now, but it will soon weather down and settle into the garden. It’s a huge thank you to Ray and Alan – and Spike the dog – for their skills, great ideas and general nice-to-have-aroundness (Contact details available). Now all I have to do is save up so that they can come back and work some more wonders.

    Before & After of Path Below Lawn

    garden path before being landscaped garden path after being landscaped

    Before and After Greenhouse Steps

    slippery garden steps new wide garden steps

    purpose built garden storage

    New Potting Bench & Storage Cupboard with Vintage Doors

    pots raised on low wall provide a display at eye level

    Raised Area for Pots near Front Door