• The Buzz from Chelsea

    27th May 2010Chelsea Flower ShowStephanie Donaldson

    Habitats galore in The Naturally Fashionable Garden


    Leeds City Coucil Lock Garden
    Biodiversity in its many forms was big at Chelsea. Many of the gardens were planted with wildlife in mind, whether as a predominant theme or as an element of the design.   Sometimes accidentally so – as with the parakeets nesting above James Wong’s Malaysian garden.  He and his co-designer David Cabero had  set up a recording playing the sounds of rainforest birds and the parakeets were joining in enthusiastically.


    Tree ferns in the Malaysian Garden

    In an attempt to lure them down to flit amongst the tree ferns James and David were tempting them down with mangoes.  On Eastern Avenue CJ WildBird Foods were unveiling exciting news about Red Mason Bees.  These super-efficient pollinators are about 120 times more efficient than honey bees and free of the diseases that are plaguing bee hives.  You can introduce them in to your own garden with a Mason Bee Nest Box (£9.99) available at the show or from their website.