• The Best Story of the Show

    23rd May 2014GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    Talking to the lovely couple on the Leeds District Allotment Stand in the Great Pavilion, they told a wonderful tale of how they grew the plants to the fine mature condition we saw them in at the show. Seeds were sown in pots on January 17th – THE day to plant vegetables if they are to be ready in time for Chelsea – and spent their first few weeks on the blanket box under the window in the couple’s bedroom, allowing them to view the progress from bed. In due course the young plants outgrew the bedroom and were moved to their greenhouse on the allotment. The greenhouse was comprehensively insulated with bubble wrap, but heat was required to keep the plants growing at the required pace. The solution – church candles! Each candle burned for 45 hours and placed in a lantern raised the temperature sufficiently to keep the plants growing happily. The only problem was that the couple kept turning up at the candle shop looking very grubby after working on the allotments and they began to worry that despite their explanation, the shop thought that they were rough sleepers or had no electricity. A visit to the candle shop bearing their medal should put things straight. robot in garden on the Leeds district allotment stand