• Tecni Mini Trellis

    3rd May 2012Stephanie RecommendsStephanie Donaldson

    The Tecni Trellis is an attractive and very discreet trellis system that is ideal for use on contemporary or traditional buildings.

    It is particularly suitable for brick or stone walls where, providing you have the right tools, it can be installed by a reasonably competent DIYer. It proved less straightforward on my weather-boarded house (not pictured) and I needed to enlist the help of my builder. It was clear to him that on timber you don’t use some of the components and it would be useful if that information was included.  He also pointed out that the instructions said to put the screws in at 500mm spacings, but as the cables are just 500mm long, fixing the cables in place was very fiddly and he couldn’t use the plastic cable caps at the ends.  Slightly longer cable would make all the difference. That said, it does look great and will do a very good job.  Prices start at £44.02 from tecni-cable.