• Step this Way

    20th March 2016I Couldn't Do WithoutStephanie Donaldson

    Our hillside garden has high walls and many tall plants so there is quite a lot of what the Health & Safety people term ‘working at height’ involved in its maintenance – and seldom on level ground.  After far too long risking life and limb, I’ve finally invested in the ultimate ladder.  The Niwaki Tripod Ladder is the piece of kit that the Japanese use to cloud prune their topiary. Its adjustable third leg can be tucked into a tree or bush making it very stable and  it can be used on a slope or positioned in the middle of a border without doing any damage.  I’ve just pruned the quince tree that is growing in a raised bed and it worked a treat.  With its wide base, curving sides and deep steps it is extraordinarily stable – and more like ascending a rather grand staircase than climbing a ladder. I bought the 8 foot model which cost £254 (including the three rubber feet at £25) and although this may seem expensive for a ladder I can now do pruning and tying in that I have previously had to get someone else to do at £125 per day – so payback is a mere 2 days.

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