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    29th January 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    organising seeds in a box I’ve sorted through my stash of seeds before I put in this year’s order so that I only buy what is needed rather than succumbing to the myriad temptations of the seed catalogues.  I’ve thrown out  anything that’s too old because it’s a waste of seed compost when you sow old seeds and get poor germination and I’ve set aside surplus seeds to give to friends.

    Sorting Old Seeds

    If you have opened packets of seeds left over from last year (or even further back) it’s useful to know which will still germinate well and which won’t.  Of course it all depends how they have been stored, but the following list will give you a fairly good idea.

    How long will seeds keep ?

    Beetroot                      4 years

    Brassicas                     3-5 years

    Beans                          1 year

    Carrots                        3 years

    Celeriac                       6 years

    Celery                         6 years

    Chard                          4 years

    Cucumbers                  7 years

    Leeks                           3 years

    Lettuce                        3 years

    Onion                          4 years

    Parsley                       1 year

    Parsnip                       must be fresh

    Peas                            1 year

    Pumpkin                      7 years

    Spinach                       1 year

    Squash                        7 years

    Swedes                        1 year