• Convolvulus cantabricus

    Rocky Places and a Favourite Oddity

    1st June 2018Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson

    Plants are so opportunistic – give a plant a crevice and it will thrive in the most inhospitable circumstances – we often kill them with too much kindness. In our gardens, Erigeron mucronatus, the Mexican daisy, is a good example of this – try planting it in good soil and it will sulk and die, give it a crevice in a path or wall and it will thrive and seed.


    A natural fernery

    Convolvulus cantabricus

    Convolvulus cantabricus

    Wall Rue

    Wall Rue


    And finally to purple cow-wheat – not a plant of great beauty, or good habits – its hemiparasitic – but I do like its strange habit and extraordinary colouring