• Pot to Product – Plant Pot Recycling Scheme

    30th January 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    plastic plant pot recycling scheme Hooray, hooray, hooray – someone has organised a pot recycling scheme so that all our surplus plastic pots languishing in sheds around the country can be taken to a local garden centre from where they will be collected and made into useful and well-designed products. The Garden Centre Group and around 130 independent nurseries are supporting the scheme. To see if you have a local garden centre or nursery involved in the scheme go to and enter your postcode. If there’s nothing local, put in a request for one of them to join up. Then you can buy all sorts of interesting products from the manufacturing company including great looking house signs and numbers that come with a 300 year guarantee – that’s how long it takes for plastic pots to degrade!