• Pleasing Palettes

    30th March 2016In The GardenStephanie Donaldson

    It’s always nice when planning pays off and colour combinations turn out as you’ve hoped – and equally pleasing when something surprises you.  I have a bit of both in the garden.  The dolly tubs either side of the front door have been planted with the dainty and softly coloured Elka narcissus, combined with Exotic Emperor tulips to make a subtle early display that tones perfectly with the paint colour of the front door. As they fade they will be replaced with the later flowering vibrant pink tulip Barcelona which I have planted deeper in the tubs for a completely different effect.

    Elka narcissus Elsewhere in the garden I combined Belle Epoque tulips with bellis daisies in a stone planter  and have watched in fascination as the tulips leaves have emerged with pink stripes on their leaves that exactly match the daisies – now that one wasn’t planned. matching daisies

    I’m making good progress with tidying the garden and replacing early spring pots of cyclamen and crocus with later flowering spring plants.  My two angels always get the pick of the plants and look lovely right now with snakeshead fritillaries against a backdrop of pheasant grass. snakeshead fritillaries