• Planning a Broad Bean Bonanza

    3rd February 2016In The GardenStephanie Donaldson

    In the past I haven’t grown enough broad beans, so this year I’m planning a bit of  successional sowing.  I’m already a bit behind on the game – because of the hard landscaping work I couldn’t do an autumn sowing – but starting next week I will sow some in the ground as well as some in pots as insurance against mice predations. I’ve gone for three different varieties – Thompson & Morgan’s ‘Express’ which has an AGM and is apparently the fastest to crop, then ‘Stereo’ from Sarah Raven which produces small tender pods that you can eat in their entirety, and finally ‘Greeny’ from Mr. Fothergill’s which is a late cropping variety that can sown up to May. Bring on the beans! broad bean packets