• Orchids of Istria

    26th May 2018Places to VisitDaniel Carruthers

    I wish I had a retentive mind for the names of orchids – some do stay with me, but many do not, so forgive the gaps in the gallery of some of the many orchids we saw growing in Istria. I will name those I am sure of, but as for the rest – please just admire the pretty pictures!

    Yellow broomrape,orchids

    Yellow broomrape

    White broomrape,orchids

    White broomrape

    Violet birdsnest orchid,orchids

    Violet birdsnest orchid

    white helleborine

    White helleborine


    Toothed orchid,orchids

    Toothed orchid

    tall orchid,orchids

    pyramidal orchid,orchids

    Pyramidal orchid – I think

    Lizard orchid,orchids

    Lizard orchid

    Lady orchid,orchids

    Lady orchid

    pretty orchid,orchids

    Butterfly orchid,orchids

    Butterfly orchid

    Butterfly orchid,orchids

    Butterfly orchid -I think

    Bumblebee orchid,orchids

    Bumblebee orchid

    Bee orchid,orchids

    Bee orchid