• Orchard Cards

    6th March 2013Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Slightly off-piste from my usual reviews, but I want to share a link to a website that I’ve just tried and liked. Orchard Cards is an online shop that specialises in cards, ribbon and wrapping paper, with lots of wildlife, countryside and garden themes on offer. If you are anything like me, when an event takes you by surprise you will find yourself scrabbling through a drawer, or dashing off to the shops looking for a suitable card. It would be especially useful if you live nowhere near a decent card shop. I thoroughly enjoyed making my selection which arrived in the twinkling of an eye once I’d placed my order. I’ve now got myself a stash of appropriately floral (what else would friends expect) cards, some very pretty auricula wrapping paper and a reel of rather classy brown organza ribbon. Bring on the birthdays!